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2015-03-10 13.00.36
ほっ!トイレ(Mt. Fuji Toilet)は、乗鞍高原観光案内所などで販売されています。

Finally the project in Norikura highlands was commenced.
We set up the panel box of Hino Kogyo Inc. in Yagai Ongakudo (Open-air music hall). The panel box is the same one which was exhibited in the forum for mountain climbers held in Matsumoto, Nagano.
Mt.Fuji toilets are sold in Norikura Highlands information center(http://www.norikura.gr.jp/)and other places.
Sinano-Mainichi newspaper introduced the project.
We expect to see a good result after all.




Forum for Mountain, 2014
November 29 and 30 in 2014 We had participated in a forum for mountain climbers held in Matsumoto, Nagano and displayed our products in the exhibition. In the exhibition, we cooperated with Hino Kogyo which manufactures panel booths for temporal houses. They produce plastic-made box shelter as well which can be a suitable shelter to be set in mountain areas because they are easy to be built and move. They can be easily assembled without many tools and actually very firm and durable in bad weather such as storm. Ho! Toilet was displayed with this shelter as cozy and clean toilet facility in the place where there is no water and electricity.

涸沢プロジェクト第2弾 2014年



Karasawa Project Vol2, 2014
As we did last year, we again conducted research on the use of Ho!Toilet in Kawakawa this year. We set two tents along the mainstream and in bush. Although we supposed the tent along the main street must be avoided by women as the place was surrounded by more people, it was actually used frequently by women. Some of them said the tent was useful as a space for changing clothes. The user of Ho! Toilet gave comments that they didn’t feel any bad smell from the toilet and the waste. We plan to continue this project in Kawakawa and other mountain and hiking areas with firmer set up like box shelter.