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事業案内 Activities Overview



Earth Friendly Circulation implements the project to re-use the portable eco-toilets with chemical tablets donated from Excelsior Inc., which would be otherwise expired before being used, in Mt. Fuji and North Alps in Japan and other tourist areas both in Japan and overseas.


Millions of portable toilets are stored by private companies and are going to be expired soon. Between Excelsior which produces the toilet and these companies , there is an agreement that the old products should be collected for reuse when the old products are replaced from the new ones. The collected toilets are distributed for free in tourist areas and developing countries.

What is Mt.fuji toilet?( Japanese name: Ho!toilet )


The product is a package of necessary materials in order to defecate anywhere . The package includes a toilet pot (a box which can be assembled), chemical tablets to deal with body wastes, tissue papers, plastic bag and poncho.

It can be used with the chemical tablet in sanitary way even where there is no water and electricity.
It is odorless and clean as the chemical tablets can disinfect and deodorize body waste.
It can never be affected by both high and low temperature to decompose body waste safely.
The remaining is harmless after the waste dealt with the tablets, then it can be discarded as normal burnable waste.
The waste become solid and odorless after dealt with the tablets, then it is easy to move and abolish.
It is portable and can be used anywhere, as it is light and attached with a poncho and tissue papers.


This package contains all materials needed for defecation. The pouch included in the package is for carrying easily.









〇The toilet can be set in a box shelter (manufactured by Hino Kogyo Inc.) for temporary use
〇 The shelter can be disassembled into pieces
〇 The shelter can be assembled in 15 minutes with ordinary tools
〇Total weight of the shelter is 70 kg (possible to carry by people)
〇 In the shelter, a toilet sheet and pot are already set.


System to be a sponsor for the project/Cycle of the model of CSR between cooperatina companies 『donors』and users 『recipient』


EFC works for preservation of environment by reusing portable eco-toilets for emergency with the established model in which both cooperating companies and users can get benefit. Through the project, cooperating company can also develop their CSR activities.


Research on used of potable eco-toilets in Karasawa


During the three-day-holiday in October , 2013, which was good season for seeing autumn tints, EFC conducted research on uses of Ho!Toilet in Karasawa of North Alps which is one of the most popular places for climbers. Cooperating with Karasawa Hyutte (A well -known cottage in Karasawa), EFC provided Ho!Toilet with chemical tablets to users of the toilet in the cottage, and researched how effectively the toilet was used and evaluated by the users.


The users gave answers to the questions on questionnaire prepared by EFC. Almost all users appreciated the toilet. More than 90% answered that it was very easy or easy to use. Only few negative comments were given to the stability of toilet sheet set in a tent. This can be solved by setting firmer setup such as box shelter in which the toilet is set.
In addition, many commented “it was odorless”, “much easier than expected”, and “we don’t need to wait in a queue to use toilet”

第二回 涸沢実証実験
Second Research on used of potable eco-toilets in Karasawa



As conducted in previous year, EFC again did a research on uses of the toilet in 2014. It was conducted support ed by Karasawa Hyutte from 20 to 22 in September during the season of autumns tints.

Research on used of potable eco-toilets in Dakesawa



This time, we set up the toilet in Camping sight which was clowded with many tents. The public toilet in a cottage is a little far from the camping sight. Therefore, the toilet temporary set up in the sight was very convenient for users. Especially in the evening after climbers arrive in the sight and in early morning when climbers should prepare for departure, the toilet in the sight was very much appreciated by users as temparature outside was very cold (around 3 ℃) .
26 Ho!toilets were used in this research and many prefered using the Ho! toilet to the public toilet. Particulaly, women were more found of using our toilet because our toilet facility was odorless and clean so that they could change clothes and do their make-up in it.

活動事例紹介 Activities we conducted

● 2014年山梨県と協働した富士山「ほっ!トイレ」無償提供
Distributting Ho!Toilet for free in Mt. Fuji, collaborating with Yamanashi prefecture (2014)

Reserach on uses of Ho!Toilet in Karasawa (2013 and 2014)

Visiting the cottage sight where Ho! Toilet was set in Babadaira, Yarigatake (2014)

Visiting the cottage sight where Ho!Toilet in Hodaka mountains (2014)

Visiting the sight where Ho!Toilet was set for mountain climbers in Norikura Highlands (2014 – 2015)

Tourists on a winter snowshoe and summer skunk cabbage trekking course at Norikura Kogen.